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The game’s main mechanic makes use of a timer. This allows the player 60 seconds to find the level exit. If the player fails this task, the landscape becomes consumed with glitching visuals and strange folkloric characters, telling stories of England’s dark underbelly.

The game questions the English nationalistic love affair with politicized traditionalism and the toxic side effects this has had on individuals and marginalized groups. 

Through storytelling and allegorical visual narratives, I wanted to explore my difficult past experiences of English nationalism and identity and the history and legacy of English environments and folklore. 


Mouse Movement: Look around / interact

Left Mouse Button: Move forward

Middle Mouse Button: Pause/ Restart

ESC: Exit


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a-mallards-song-win.zip 1 GB
Version 1


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Hey, I bought the game in a package and plan to stream it next monday. How long should I expect the game to be?

Hey Pumpky_kobold, That's The great! The game takes about half an hour to play.

Super intrigued, hopefully I'll be able to get a PC soon and play

i am so extremely interested in playing this game—it seems right up my alley—but i am stricken with the Mac User Curse........is there any chance a mac version of this game will be made at any point?


I will try and  create a Mac version in the not too distant future. I will keep you updated.

waaaaa thank you :DDDD im so excited :D

just finished all 3 levels, wow really amazing. The 2nd level I barely made it to the exit with one second to spare! Really interesting and well done.

Thanks so much for playing.  Really glad you enjoyed!

love it thank you :)

Thank you! 😊  Glad you liked it!